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Supported Radios RadioCom

RadioCom can be combined with almost all brands of radios. For example, those produced by Sony, Panasonic, Grundig, and Siemens, and any others with SSB reception. However, these cannot use timer-operated remote/radio …

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Mega Loop FX

MegaLoop FX

FX = Flexible Probably the most flexible active loop antenna Ultra broadband frequency range from 9kHz – 180MHz High dynamic range with an IP of typ. +40 dB and IP 2 of …

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Bonito RadioJet 1305 Plus

High Performance Hybrid Receiver 0,02 MHz – >1600 MHz Spectrum Display 24kHz + 500 kHz – 3200 kHz LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM, Stereo FM Stereo DRM Modern flexible User Interface Audio …

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Active Antenna 20kHz – 300MHz Wide frequency range 20 kHz – 300 MHz Small dimensions Ideal for traveling, at home or DX-Camps The BONI-WHIP active antenna replaces the very successful Mini-Whip antenna. …

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Bonito AntennaJet ASM300

AntennaJet ASM300

Switch and Mix up to 3 antennas via USB With the AntennaJet ASM 300, we add another component to our supplies of receiving equipment. It is USB-controlled and you can connect up …

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Bonito RadioJet 1102S

High Performance IF-Receiver (SDR) 0,04 MHz – 32 MHz MDS -134 dBm = 0,03 µVolt sensitivity Very high IP3: +29dBm (High-IP) 16 kHz crystal filter 10 pol roofing filter incl. notches Displayed …

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Bonito TuningWheel

The most common argument against an SDR (Software Defined Radio or Receiver) was so far: “I need something with real buttons”. Even those who already uses an SDR / IF receiver, but …

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